A little about me

My name is Nyameko Ishmael Bottoman from South Africa, now a teacher in China. I have spent the past decade teaching and writing in Asia.It has been an adventure. In high school, I  kept the bullies off my back by writing love letters for girls and boys they liked. At that point, the writing was just a way to express myself in a civilized manner. This blossomed into me becoming an editor for an online magazine, writing fundraising content for an NGO and starting a blog of short stories. After teaching English for 10 years, my love for education and writing crossed paths. My first book, “the patient ant” is available on Amazon. Outside of writing, I am fascinated with all martial arts, sharp tools, myths and legends from all over the world. Philosophy does get the grey matter tingling, ow and anything that has anything to do with science and don’t get me started on Doctor Who!!!! Beautiful words make me literally buzz. The list of my favourite authors is too long to mention, so I will leave you with Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adam, and Neil Gaiman.