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Hi, here are Kaina and Nimz, two travelers with stars in their eyes and the sound of the wind in their ears. If that didn’t paint a clear enough picture, we love traveling and we love traveling on the cheap. You have found our travel story. Traveling is essential and accessible to nearly everyone and you don’t have to break the bank.

After nearly a decade of traveling and enjoying the expat life, we met and it was the best thing ever. We decided it was time to travel full time and see where the road would lead. With countries such as Peru, South Africa, Vietnam, France, and of cause China under our belt, we couldn’t resist taking to the road again, hence our adventure.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to write, take photos and travel. The goal is to travel far and wide, and to travel like locals in any place we find ourselves. Our stories and photos will tell you how we did it. And we will share advice on how you too can have travel and adventure whether you are from Khayelitsha (South Africa), Ningbo (China) or Lyon (France).

I love flowers

Our goal is to make Lens Feathers your go-to site for all your travel needs.  Whether it is what to pack for your travels, why you should quit your job and travel, to even the best travel sites for flight and short travel quotes we got you. So come along and be our companion as we travel on the cheap and show you how we do it.

Share in our adventure, the good and the bad and the not so pretty. We want you to accompany us on this adventure. If you are asking yourself, should I go traveling, travel or career? We will be talking about different ways we use to make money online, to finance our adventure. We will talk about different places we go to and see. As we go along we will try our best to share tips on traveling and how easy it is.


People usually think it is so difficult and expensive however we will show you how to do it and blur the line between travel and career. Come have fun with us as we see, hear, touch, smell, and taste the different countries we will be going to and who knows, maybe we can hook up somewhere around the world.

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Peace and Be Good

Kaina & Nimz


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