K & Her Photos


Okay, That’s me Kaina, KaiKai or K

So I am French … kinda … I am a third generation of immigrant ( yeah I know that’s dope right). My family is from Bejaia ( Algeria ), I have 8 uncles and aunts, about 20 to 30 cousins, and one brother. I love dogs and horses. I am allergic to cats but can’t stop loving them. I hate Maths ( since they mix numbers and letters ). I studied Literature and I am out of the dating market. Traveling was always a thing in my family. My first boat trip, I was a toddler. My first flight alone, I was 6. And my first trip all by myself, 15.

Then that happened

Going to China wasn’t really scary. Starting a new life with no family or friends around was my big fear. I arrived in Ningbo 2 years ago as an AU pair, I’ve always wanted to go to  Asia and being an AuPair was the cool thing that everybody does. I won’t lie it wasn’t the best experience for me, I worked a lot, got paid nothing (150 $/month). The only things that this year gave me was experience with children and an amazing friend. So when my contract ended, I was extremely excited. I fell in love with the city and wanted to see more. That’s when I started working at EF and met Nyameko (Nimz for short). After a year of teaching, I was and still am sure, “teaching is my career goal”. China gave me the best job and skills boost, but it wasn’t the end.

Lina’s babies
So much fun

They thought we were crazy

It wasn’t really our plan to leave but after seeing all our friends going back home we felt like it was our turn to move on. We decided to go home but the wanderlust wouldn’t let us stop traveling. In 3 months we saved some money, handed in our notice at work and left on an adventure. We have many countries on our list we can call that a World trip. When we told our friends they didn’t really believe us and they thought we were crazy. Since I love taking photos … bad photos sometimes I know. Nimz writes …that’s what authors do. Therefore we have a blog … smart right! I promise to make you love travelling without spending all your savings and help you realize how F**king easy it is.

In the meanwhile enjoy some of my favorite photos from my travels. For Pics check out our portfolio page here.


Bye Angeels !