N & His Words

What Nimz thinks of himself

“Nyameko Ishmael Bottoman (Nimz) is a professional paragraph wrangler. He spends his time with his head in the clouds and his boots on the neck of misbehaving metaphors. He prides himself on being a super nanny to adolescent puns.

When he is not busy being the gate keeper to unruly onomatopeia he keeps himself busy with writing children’s books, English education fan fiction, and noun-verb erotica.”-Anonymous (Or rather how I wish I would be described.)

He loved them so much

What I am actually about

Yay! I know big words, big whoop but who am I? Ok then lets get down to why we are actually here. I have been a writer and English teacher for 10 years. I spent 5 years in South Korea and 3 in China. In that time I traveled and looked for inspiration for my stories in case you want to read some of these you can go here.

When I not too busy writing stories, I look for inspiration and work online. I do everything from ghostwriting, content writer, editing, transcription, you name and I probably do it.We all have to find ways to fuel our addictions, thankfully mine goes hand in hand with my hustle.

My interests

Outside of writing, I am fascinated with all martial arts, sharp tools, myths and legends from all over the world. Philosophy does get the grey matter tingling, ow and anything that has anything to do with science and don’t get me started on Doctor Who!!!! The list of my favourite authors is too long to mention, so I will leave you with Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adam and Neil Gaiman.

I will be your verbal pilot on this journey, and will make sure you take off and land with the clearest view of our travels. See you on the blog page where all will be revealed.