In Love with El Nido in 24 hrs

Nyameko/ October 9, 2017/ Archive, Travel/ 1 comments

In El Nido for 24 hours and we are loving it. The place is picturesque. I mean it is literally impossible to take a bad picture here. For those single, it is the perfect place for a holiday fling. For those in a relationship like myself, it is an ideal place for some romantic r&r (cue scenes of long walks on the beach and moonlight kisses).

The town is really small so the expat community knows everyone and everything that can be a thing. I fan the hell out of this place. We are seriously considering settle by here at some point. The people are almost fairytale friendly and will bend over backward to make your stay better. Most importantly the drinks are cheap the food is awesome and house music is king.



Looking forward to some boat expeditions to some of the nearby islands. Did I forget to mention there are islands peppered all around just waiting to be explored? Yes, there are. Close your eyes think of a secluded island in the middle of Asia…that is exactly what they look like.

Companies offering boat trips are plentiful but if you want a truly extraordinary experience then join LE BOAT EXPEDITIONS. They know how to party and get you back safely. Not to mention give you the perfect spots to take that quintessential holiday Instagram video.

For details on how to get to El Nido on the cheap, see our travel journal here, with all our details on how we move around the world easily and on the cheap.

If you are in the area drop us a comment and we can hook up. We are in El Nido 2 months and would love to crack open a beer with you and watch a sunset (or whatever floats you boat…we on an island, see what I did there)

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