French in the Mother City

As a native of the Cape of Good Hope, I know Kaina would fall absolutely in love with the mother city. I was soooo right. She almost didn’t want to leave. We got to the Mother City in the late afternoon coming in from Jozi and the first thing we did was go to Khayelitsha. She got to meet my family and they had the chance to take a look at this woman who had stolen my heart. Probably the most nerve-racking hours of my life. The only time I will be that nervous is when I propose or even worse when I ask her family for her hand.

We got to Khayelitsha and people were a little wary of the French girl walking around but soon as my family met, they hit it off. My mother was kind, my brothers insane and my uncle curious. Enough about family.

Let’s talk about what we did. We couldn’t go to Cape Town without exploring Long Street. Thanks to our Airbnb host, we were right above Long street and could go down at any point we wanted. We went on a Cape Town tour, where we saw the good(Clifton 1st beach, aquarium, mzolis, Long street in full bloom), the bad (beggars-an uncomfortable amount, 2 boys catcalling, and a fall) and the ugly ( slave lodge, go there and get some perspective).


That’s just another day in the Mother City. Cape Town has so much to offer, one cannot do it all in one week or even a month. Other activities were a Sea Point picnic, hat our tour, the V&A waterfront, a Kurdish restaurant in Long of note. We strolled through the company gardens, took a moment to appreciate the racist apartheid monument( see bench in pictures). In all this, we even took the time to take in a movie. South Africa being the coolest weirdest country lets you have a beer in the cinema (only at select cinemas).

All in all Cape Town was a blast and it was way too short before we had to pack bags and get on the road to the Philippines. Check back in with a post on our way to El Nido and how we like it.