11 Best places to visit in Johannesburg

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Johannesburg-City of Gold and First City on our Little Adventure

So Johannesburg, Joburg, Jozi, Egoli, the city of gold (insert any other names for Joburg you can think of here) was our first stop after China. Jozi (my favorite name for the big JHB) is a city with many names and many faces. It is a city where you can wake up with nothing in your pocket and go to sleep owning the world. There are few cities in the world with so much potential. Sadly the only thing people think when they think of Jozi is Johannesburg Crime. Let’s see if we can change that.

We had an awesome time in Johannesburg and Pretoria. As a South African expat, my main mission in Jozi was administrative. I have been away from home forever. But it was Kaina’s first time to Egoli and I had to give her Johannesburg like a local. Here are our recommendations for when you are considering any city versus Johannesburg. While you at it, check some do’s and don’ts in Jozi, as recommended by a local.



This is the perfect market for some easy family fun. There are so many things to do. The vibe is open and easy going. Do yourself a favor and go on a Sunday early and spend the day. The food is delicious the people are friendly and you can even pat a dog or two, it’s a pet-friendly environment.


Are you looking for something to start your Saturday off on a great note? Then go to Maboneng. This market is also known as arts on main. You can find the market on a map. Maboneng’s tagline is heart and essence of the city of Johannesburg. You will get a great image of what it means to be a Joburger.

Neighbourgoods in Braamfontein

As the name implies the shopping here feels like you are talking to your neighbor. The vendors are very friendly and will try their best to help no matter what. The only downside is the place can get a little overcrowded.

Clubs to see


Located Braamfontein which is quickly turning out to be a hotspot for youth culture, is a beautiful club that not only has great ambiance but also offers a magnificent view to boot. If you are looking for a trendy bar to have an event in then this is a great spot. You can book the venue for private events.


If you have been in South Africa at any point then you must have heard of chesa nyamas. These are spots you can buy meat, have it braai-ed (Barbequed for those who aren’t in the know) and you can enjoy it in the company of good friends, music, and booze. Kwadichaba is one such place, it is located in Soweto D.K. And is great for after parties, but beware you will witness some amazing dance moves from its patrons.

Family Fun Spots

Picnic on the lake

Zoolake is a perfect family-friendly spot for any visitor to Jozi. You can have a nice chilled picnic or you can have a braai with the family and best yet it’s absolutely free to enter.

Gold Reef City

If you are into a more adventurous life then try the Gold Reef City amusement park or the Gold Reef City Casino for a different adventure. This park has an assortment of rides from the golden wave, miner’s revenge and the dream boat. Do yourself a favor, take the last ride of the day on the miner’s revenge, thank me later. There is even a petting zoo for the kiddies. Prices on the website.

Northgate Ice skating Rink

 South Africans can’t skate(see what I did there), well that is the idea the world has of us. And this place proves that myth wrong. A beautiful rink that is great for family fun. If you don’t have your skates with you, you can rent a pair. And once you are done you can go to the family restaurants, arcade, and movies all within close proximity of the ice rink.

Winding down joints

You know the feeling when you have had a great day or night and you are just looking for a place to wind things down before going home and tumbling into bed? Well here are the three best Jozi has to offer.

Chesa Nyama Midrand

First up the perfect place for an impromptu meat up. The meat is fantastic and the vibe is chilled but awesome. It is open on Sundays and Mondays.

Ricardo’s Midrand

This place is excellent for starters before a party, sundowners or to wind down an excellent night. The cocktails are on point and will have you bobbing your head as you wind up or wind down.

Stones Mellvile

An awesome pre and post night joint, where you can have excellent drinks and not feel like you left your wallet at the bar. A great plus for me is, it has a pool table and reasonable prices. This is the perfect place to wind down your night.

So before you fall prey to all the scaremongering about Johannesburg crime and how it is a horrible place try out these places and see how awesome Jozi can be.  Check out what we got up to in the Mother City, Cape Town.

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