Johannesburg Do’s & Dont’s

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So you want to Johannesburg like a local but don’t have the foggiest what to do? You are probably even wondering is Johannesburg safe? Or are Johannesburg taxis safe? If you are thinking about Johannesburg vacations tourism and travel, we have a treat for you. Here is a list of Johannesburg do’s & don’ts so you can do Jozi right.


  • Do talk to the taxi drivers

Ok, yes they can be annoying. And they can be slight male chauvinists who seem to have never spoken to a real live woman before, but it bears mentioning they can be very friendly and helpful, once they get over the fact a lady is speaking to them. They will help you find your way around town and even tell you the best routes to take for your purposes.

  • Do go clubbing

If you are into the night life, then you have to go clubbing in Joburg. No, but seriously YOU HAVE TO GO CLUBBING IN JOHANNESBURG. The club scene caters for every possible need you can have. If you are into chilled lounge vibes, laid back with some dance, or you are the hip hop Gqom (a type of house) master you will find a place that’s perfect for. For your starter pack on places to try, see our list of places to visit in Jozi here.

  • Do have an open mind

As with any country you need to keep an open mind. Not everything you see in Jozi will be “normal” for you. But then if you wanted normal you would have stayed in your own hood or country. If you want to do Johannesburg like a local then have an open mind, and enjoy Jozi for what it is, a vibrant albeit strange place at times, but an experience you will not soon forget. Having a local companion will be the cherry on the cake for you.



  • Don’t ask strange boys for direction

Taxi drivers are ok (never thought I would say that, ever), but be careful of the Nyoape boys. These boys are seen at almost every corner and most taxi ranks. They are recognizable by their “water will be my death look. They usually stand around as if to help people with their luggage and directions for a fee. The danger with them is they run very very very fast, seriously Usain could learn a thing or two, and they are masters at robbery and the age-old snatch and run.

  • Do not respond to every provocative statement you hear

Joburg men love attention, sort of like toddlers realizing feet are for walking. They can be extremely rude about it. Responding to their attention seeking efforts, only makes them more excited. It’s better to keep a cool head, keep walking and enjoy your day.

  • Do not be stuck up or rude

Joburgers are generally a friendly people, even with their snatchers and attention hounds. Most people are mostly harmless and may stare because you are a novel experience for them. Other than that they love to laugh, chat and talk nonsense just like the rest of us.


If you want to really enjoy your time in Johannesburg like a local, you only have to follow these simple do’s and don’ts and you will have the time of your life. Joburg is just like every other major city in every other country, a little bad with a lot of good and just a dash of bonkers insane to keep things interesting.

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