They saw me completely naked !

If I tell you to go to a jimjilbang (Korean spa), get completely naked in front of hundreds of women would you do it?

No, no you probably wouldn’t!  You would look at me like I’m crazier than I actually am, and you would tell me to fuck off which I probably would.

But imagine for one second that you said yes, just like saying yes to your first shot or your first kiss. You would be scared of being judged,  scared they would look at you, scared that the scar you got when you were 11 is gonna be on their mind for the next year. You know what? I thought the same!

So now you at the Spa. You are panicking, you are probably thinking, I can do it, I’m okay with my body. The next second,  you wonder why you ate that braai chop or taco last week, that you should have gone to the gym one more time this month. But you still want to do it, you just want to try! You are curious and you really wanna be okay with yourself.

Well, go for it, because you going to feel beautiful! You going to feel so empowered, strong and fearless!

Why? You ask. Well the women in that bathroom, they also ate an extra chop or taco they are regretting. They’ve been through diets, they tried the gym, they had kids. They have scars and stretch marks showing how strong they are. And because of that, their energy is so positive, they don’t judge, they just enjoy their time! I promise you, you are going to feel amazing, peaceful and so in love with your body!

So whenever you are in Busan, Korea and you want to feel amazing about yourself. You want to love each part of your body. And want to relax and take good care of yourself. I definitely recommend Spa Land. Don’t worry, it isn’t expensive: 15 000 won (13$) for 4 hours.

Also big plus: it’s very clean, very quiet, you have about 20 different rooms going from ice cold to Hamam, that you can use after you naked bath. They have relaxation rooms with lounge chairs and a restaurant. It is paradise on earth. The perfect way to end off Anthea’s visit.

Spa land in Busan is one of the best things in Korea!

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