Seoul in 7 days

Nyameko/ August 24, 2018/ / 4 comments

Okay let’s be honest, I haven’t uploaded in a minute. I was kinda busy I am not gonna lie. My best friend was around! She finally came to  Seoul, Korea which was the best thing ever. I had so much fun. And we had the chance to visit four awesome cities in Korea. Between cries, hugs, candies, alcohol and a

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Yecheon – Rice Paddy

Nyameko/ July 13, 2018/ / 0 comments

I mostly grew up with my mom and receiving people at home is very important to her. She puts her soul in each piece of furniture in the house and forced me to always clean every centimeter of the house. The house must be welcoming, she wants you to enjoy your stay, feel relax and at home. When it comes to her cooking it’s

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Seoul – South African Braai

Nyameko/ July 1, 2018/ / 6 comments

I went to my first braai ever !!!! FYI I’m dating a South African and my in-laws are  reading this …. sorry in advance I have to be honest as a French/Arabic woman Sunday barbecues in my family were the best moments of my childhood. Between sausages, cheese, salads and baguettes everybody was happy . But this event was just

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Yecheon – Small Town in Korea

Nyameko/ June 4, 2018/ / 0 comments

  Yecheon is probably the smallest town I’ve ever lived in. It’s sometimes too calm for me. If you had the chance to visit Lyon you would know that I am used to big cities and crowded places. But to be honest, I really enjoy living in this small town. I love the way the sun meets the water on

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Thailand – a beautiful country

Nyameko/ December 15, 2017/ / 0 comments

Guys, I’m gonna be serious for a second after the 5th temple  I was just over it. It’s like every touristic thing you see it once or twice and  you are like : “that’s amazing I love it … right?” so I took pictures of different places , I hope you enjoy it !

Kuala Lumpur

Nyameko/ December 9, 2017/ / 0 comments

Being in Malaysia was amazing, thanks to our kind host we had the best time in KL. I think it’s one of our favorite country so far.  Here is some pictures from our 4 days trip in the capital.

Le boat-The life of the party

Nyameko/ October 30, 2017/ / 0 comments

If you do anything in El Nido, the party boat should be your first port of call(see what I did there? nautical joke…I’m hilarious right?)     To read more about our time in El Nido see here and here For more infomation on Le boat-the party boat experience see here.