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Okay let’s be honest, I haven’t uploaded in a minute. I was kinda busy I am not gonna lie. My best friend was around! She finally came to  Seoul, Korea which was the best thing ever. I had so much fun. And we had the chance to visit four awesome cities in Korea.

Anthea and I on a tandem for the first time ever in Seoul

Between cries, hugs, candies, alcohol and a lot of cardi b, we went on a nice trip around Korea. Before I start to tell you how that trip went, I kinda have to go through the customary my best friend is the best person on earth bulls*&^. So yeah, she is my girl, I adore her and all that.

Anthea being super cute as usual

Do you have that kinda of person in your life? The kind where you don’t need to talk every single day but every time you see that person you feel like they never left. Anyway, I love you boo.

I don’t like walking anymore

I had planned to do everything during this trip, to eat as much Korean as possible and to get her very drunk. Well, she had a lot of chicken not enough alcohol and we did crazy stuff.

crowded street in Seoul

During our first week, we walked at least 18 000 steps a day and had no ice creams (weird but important). Europeans have a weird thing with walking. We don’t waste time, we go from point A to point B as fast as possible which causes problems when your boyfriend is from Cape Town (They take their time, way too much time). So yeah we walked a lot. We tried to not take as many subways as possible, we really wanted to see the city itself, not just the famous monuments.

We visited temples, palaces, and gardens every day which was a new experience for the both of us. I had no idea if she would like it and I was anxious but it went so well. It felt like we were back in high school, going to museums and expos but this time the city was its own expo. We went to food markets which were so interesting, the food was so good. What is great is Anthea isn’t afraid of spices like I am so she was just loving it.

Have you ever thought about how many French people are abroad? There are more English-speaking French people overseas than there are in France. That why our numbers are down and our accent shitty. Well with Anthea we had decided to count them, every time a French person would be around we would say: “colonization” … I know, I know its hard but seriously….

Animal ladies

On Friday, after a few hours of walking, we decided to try a cat cafe. Side note I lived with a cat a few years back. The most beautiful cat ever, Kayla, she would sleep with me every night which is how I found out I was allergic to cats. Since then I cannot approach a cat without sneezing and I am scared of them somehow, besides Kayla (savage cat, who doesn’t give a damn about your cuddles, I told you she is the best). So imagine me in café full of cats with no allergy pills or tissues. A blast I tell you!

After ten minutes there, I was already looking for a dog café. Yeah I found it, yes I went crazy, yes I have videos, no I won’t share them , well she might …. I mean come on, imagine being in a room full of what you love the most, dogs, Cass, cookies, drones, Justin Bieber or whatever, you would go berserk!

If you are ever in Seoul, it’s the same price for both café: 8 000  with a free drink (they have beers  )

Cats Living

2F 358-111 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu,Seoul, Korea

+82 10-7319-1320

Dog Cafe Bau House

64 Yanghwa-ro, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

+82 2-334-5152

Well Nimz arrived in seoul

Before talking about our drunk weekend with my love, I would like to state that what people are saying is wrong. I didn’t make a mistake, I’m great with directions and I didn’t get us lost. Do not trust the South African guy. I have evidence and I’ll use them in court

Nimz finally joined us in Seoul and to be honest he looked like a pimp. He had 4 beautiful ladies on his arms, had to entertain them until dawn which he did very well. We started with a glass at gecko’s, where he explained to us what was about to go down. Eight hours later, we were sitting on the street trying to find our next drinking spot. We didn’t stop there obviously, slept 3 hours got ourselves hangover soup and we were back at it in no time.

We met up with Jordan, the American who cries every time I speak about French education and healthcare. Now this guy is Nimz 2.0 he is smart, funny way too geeky and can drink a lot. Why 2.0 you ask, well he developed a skin so white he never gets stopped at the airport. Smart right? 

After way too much alcohol and not enough time with our friends, the three of us decided to move to Yecheon for a week of peace, quiet and old farmers. Did I tell you how I much I love Yecheon?

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  1. This post is a great sumary of th trip ! No we did not get lost, it’s just a South African man gave us undetailed direction (just sayin’)
    Love the post and picture ! Keep up the good work ! And can’t wait to see more !
    Love you guys !

    1. thank you so much ! We are so happy to have you in our community, you are the best.

  2. Love love love the pics ….. this sounds like a beautiful fun trip as we say in south africa : Beziwa 🙅

    1. thank you so much. It was awesome, we had a great time. I wish she could’ve stayed longer.

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