Seoul – South African Braai

I went to my first braai ever !!!!

FYI I’m dating a South African and my in-laws are  reading this …. sorry in advance

I have to be honest as a French/Arabic woman Sunday barbecues in my family were the best moments of my childhood. Between sausages, cheese, salads and baguettes everybody was happy . But this event was just on another planet. If you have South African friends ( if you don’t “good lord what are you doing with your life”) you know how they love getting together and partying. They have a certain aura around them that makes people so happy it’s all about joking and having fun, oh and when you put music on its just the end of the world everyone is dancing, singing and having a good time. Try to imagine hundreds of South African with music, alcohol and obviously MEAT. Their own little paradise on earth. This yearly event is just a good way for South African to have a glimpse of home.

Everyone was given tables, barbecue stands, and charcoal we bought expensive alcohol for a very cheap taste and the party started. Meeting people and spending times with old friends was amazing. Each table was welcoming and so happy to share and enjoy their experience. We drank, danced and ate way too much for way too long. And I had a flight to catch.

I feel more in love with South Africa than ever before.