Yecheon – Rice Paddy

mostly grew up with my mom and receiving people at home is very important to her. She puts her soul in each piece of furniture in the house and forced me to always clean every centimeter of the house. The house must be welcoming, she wants you to enjoy your stay, feel relax and at home. When it comes to her cooking it’s the same, my mother is amazing in the kitchen.

 I’m sure, You all probably would say the same thing about yours: “there is nothing like my mom’s cooking”. Her bestie used to say: “your mom is a magician, she can cook the best meals in the world in 15 minutes.  She has no time to waste and it’s always delicious” Anyway this is not an ….. on my mother I promise.

In two weeks, one of my closest friends is coming to visit. And I’m freaking out. I want everything to be perfect because I love and care about her happiness. And somehow I feel like, if she doesn’t like Korea or my town Yecheon or my house, it’s gonna affect her vision of me.  Am I scary? I probably am.

Obviously, it is only when someone comes to visit that you decide to finally go to that museum you said you would go to. Or the temple you wanted to pray at, or even that amazing rice paddy your boyfriend promised to take you to but didn’t cause he is a poopy head.

Well, I ended up going alone and I had a blast.

A. can’t wait to see you.

Love your twin