Seoul – South African Braai

Nyameko/ July 1, 2018/ / 6 comments

I went to my first braai ever !!!! FYI I’m dating a South African and my in-laws are  reading this …. sorry in advance I have to be honest as a French/Arabic woman Sunday barbecues in my family were the best moments of my childhood. Between sausages, cheese, salads and baguettes everybody was happy . But this event was just

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Yecheon – Small Town in Korea

Nyameko/ June 4, 2018/ / 0 comments

  Yecheon is probably the smallest town I’ve ever lived in. It’s sometimes too calm for me. If you had the chance to visit Lyon you would know that I am used to big cities and crowded places. But to be honest, I really enjoy living in this small town. I love the way the sun meets the water on

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Thailand – a beautiful country

Nyameko/ December 15, 2017/ / 0 comments

Guys, I’m gonna be serious for a second after the 5th temple  I was just over it. It’s like every touristic thing you see it once or twice and  you are like : “that’s amazing I love it … right?” so I took pictures of different places , I hope you enjoy it !

Kuala Lumpur

Nyameko/ December 9, 2017/ / 0 comments

Being in Malaysia was amazing, thanks to our kind host we had the best time in KL. I think it’s one of our favorite country so far.  Here is some pictures from our 4 days trip in the capital.