Storytime : Thailand a new adventure (2)

Bangkok was awesome. We took the first two days to chill. Spent most of the time at the hostel, working online and checking out the restaurants in the area.

We couldn’t go all the way to Bangkok without buying some loose clothes, it was either that or drown in our own sweat. We bought some pants that had the most creative stitching ever, imagine a geriatric mole was given a needle and thread.

THe perfect couple with 15 cats

We had decided to do some house-sitting while in Bangkok. We had the perfect couple, who had like 15 cats for some inexplicable reason. One of which needed to be nursed twice daily. Either way we were up for the challenge.

We set up a date, had the address and everything. Our friendly uber driver informed us, that uber drivers are not liked in Bangkok, and in fact they get in trouble with the cops and normal taxi drivers. So getting an Uber or Grab taxi is a cross between Mission Impossible and Bourne Identity without the cool special effects. We had the same experience in Johannesburg.

We drove for an hour, through Bangkok’s snail pace traffic. We went outside the city, got to the address. It was the wrong address. We got another message from our hosts, only to find there was missing information in the original message. We would have to travel another two hours in the opposite direction.

We said f@#$ it we would reschedule. Our Uber lady, gave us a discount because she felt she hadn’t served us properly. We get to the hostel only to get an email from our prospective hosts, telling us they had decided to go with another applicant, who would be coming to Bangkok next week. We were mildy (by mildly I mean extremely) annoyed and disappointed , but hey it’s their choice, right? So online work, dinner and drinks, for the pain.

Next morning the first email we get is from the housesitting people, they had some issues with the golden couple they had chosen and now we were good enough to look after their cats! The balls on these people!!! And no mention of the 300 Baht we had used trying to get to them, which they had promised to reimburse us. We respectfully declined, cited other plans.


K and I are getting into tattoos, so we decided to see about getting some in Bangkok!

We found a guy who looked legit. With Thailand’s history of tattoos, this is pretty easy to do. K is thinking of a huge Mandala on her back, but has not committed yet.  So she opted for a henna tattoo, to see how she likes it… She did NOT

I have been going through this phase of appreciating my family more and more. My mother has been through some ish but she has always had my back, even when I didn’t to be honest. (there might be some regret here)… Anyway, I got one over my heart that represents my family.

When I was asking the artist about how to care for it, drawing on past experiences from tattoos in Korea, I was promptly told: THIS IS THAILAND!!! It wasn’t arrogant or rude just matter of fact.

After a few nights going out in tourist trap Bangkok, we were sick of it and decided on moving to a less “diverse” area. By that I mean where there were no foreigners.