TEFL Life: Korea VS China

So Kai and I have been traveling and teaching for a while. We have lived and taught in different countries. So we have a story or two about TEFL life. Some are funny others like kindergarten students not being able to understand our hair and skin and some are less funny like teaching a group of 30 first grade students the alphabet with nothing but a balloon, 13 paper cups, and a small ball. (But that s a story for another time.

What is TEFL life like?

Whenever we go home or speak to people back home, we get asked the same question. “Which is better Korea or China?”. This is usually asked by people looking to get into TEFL life The answer is of cause South Africa, don’t believe the French girl when she says France!!!

OK, our real answer is always each has its good points and bad points. Like Korea pays more but has a higher cost of living. For those looking to get into TEFL life check below