Top 5 Accommodation Websites Worldwide?

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Top 5 Accommodation Websites Worldwide?

No matter who you are or where you are from, there are two costs you must consider before going traveling. Those two costs are 1 the flight costs and 2 the accommodation. Now as for flights and means of travel, we will be looking at those at a later stage, for this piece we will be looking at accommodation help as well as how to find accommodation anywhere you are. More importantly, we will be looking at what the best accommodation websites worldwide are out there are. These are the sites we use to cut our accommodation costs to a minimum. Now be reminded that these are not in particular order other than what comes to mind as I sit in the middle of the night typing away on my laptop (so dedicated right?).

We have found that in terms of costs, the accommodation is second only to transport costs, and what is the point of going to a place only to spend all your money on finding a place to stay? So let’s get to how to book accommodation anywhere in the world.

1. Airbnb

This is one of my favorite accommodation websites worldwide. Why? Because 9 times out of ten we have found ourselves in excellent accommodation at very reasonable prices. This website is great for that cozy home feel. Better yet you can have an awesome experience with guidance from locals. So it is perfect for those times you are looking to travel like a local and at the same time feel like you are at home even if you are in a completely unfamiliar town, city or country. That how we got to see El Nido and South Africa.

Having your trip advice from a local is one of the best things because you will be able to see and hear things you did not expect. You will be able to get into the tiny nooks and crannies only locals know. I am a great fan of dive bars and this is one of the best ways to see them. The baddish part is that the price can be a little steep at times. But you can still definitely get something in your price range.
Payment methods available are PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and Alipay depending on where you are in the world.

2. Hostelworld

This is our go-to site when it comes to last minute bookings. No matter where we are in the world we have been able to get on this site and get cheap accommodation. Also with the wealth of hostels on this site, you can be assured you will find something to get yourself where you need to be. I have jumped on this site an hour before check in and found a place. I wouldn’t suggest this unless it is an emergency. This is a good site to keep in your back pocket just in case you are looking to find accommodation in an emergency.

If you are out for a quiet place to spend the night or even a party hostel to get your crazy nights of drinking and meeting new people, this is an excellent site for that. The site has a rating system and allows for customer reviews so you can know exactly what the hostel is like.

Accepted payment methods are PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and some debit cards. You can pay a small deposit fee on the app and then pay when you get to the hostel, which is quite excellent.


Having a list of accommodation websites worldwide is always a good idea when you are traveling. You probably know of a few hotel booking websites. is a very good contender but some people are not the biggest fans but this is a great site for those looking to have a database of hotels, hostels, and b&bs at their fingertips. You can filter out results so they are in your price range as well as have the amenities you are looking for. My thing is WiFi so I can keep giving you all of this accommodation help. You may need an aircon or TV or a furry teddy bear to sing Britney Spears songs to you(not sure which hostel this would be, but if you know one send us an email and we will go just for that).

You can book accommodation using all major credit cards, Visa, MasterCard and you can also use Paypal.

4. Couchsurfing

Before trying this, I couldn’t think of anything more ghastly. The idea of not only sharing someone else’s home by also being at the beck and call of someone you don’t know. That was what I thought, I was so wrong. This is great because it lets you not only get accommodation for cheap, but actually free accommodation save for doing the host a service. Ok, that was not meant to sound so dirty. The idea is you get a roof over your head, and all you have to do is to do something for them like give them a lesson in something, cook them dinner or any such like. Basically, anything you are willing to offer.

The benefit is you will get to share in a huge community of travelers and couch surfers. The website also has so many groups that are especially aimed at travel. Now don’t get me wrong, I have heard some stories about people doing the Couchsurfing thing and not liking it, but generally, most people love it. And It is free. You can sign up for an account which you can choose to verify or not. To verify your account costs a little, but you can still get around without having to pay. If you are on a budget this is a great way to minimize accommodation costs and start creating your network of international friends.

5. Mind my House

Ever wonder what it would be like to have a house with all the amenities and even possibly a pet but be in a completely different country? Or have you ever housesat and wondered what it would be like to do that in a different country? Well, this is the website for you. The only drawback is you have to subscribe for $10 a year and you have to apply to house sit and then the owners will choose at their discretion. We have found this to be an excellent site especially if you are looking at countries that love pets such as the Americas and Europe. So go ahead try it out if you are looking to find accommodation and pay very little for great accommodation.

Look in the end we can’t tell you which one to choose to find accommodation. It all depends on what your wallet can take and what level of comfort you are looking for. All the sites above are great because you can see varying kinds of accommodation. Some are cheap and cozy while some are a little more expensive. We have looked at Airbnb, HostelWorld, Couchsurfing, Mindmyhouse, and We have used these sites and they have been awesome at giving us accommodation help. If you have other sites you use to find accommodation, please let us know, we are always looking to learn something new. So as per normal go out there and see the world, it can only do you good.

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