What about those 2018 resolutions ?

It is never too late to check off some of your 2018 resolutions.

If you are like me, on the 31 completely drunk you made some unachievable resolutions with a close friend promise that this year will be different and since then you haven’t thought about them. Well, it’s December now and you suddenly feel like shit. Why?

Let’s see… Have you lost the weight our amazing society wants you to lose? Have you joined the gym? Have you read any of the 50 books on your list? Did you start waking you super early for some yoga and a nice walk? Budgeting? Going out less ? Stop drinking so much …

Or we both know the drinks are gonna leave you but most of us have something on our list that resembles: love yourself a bit more this year. It’s okay to start loving in December.

My little goal this month is to write down 30 things I love about myself. It’s really hard I’m not going to lie. If you are done with it in a day well darling give me a call cause I’m far far from done !!! But I realized something while writing it, I get excited about the things I love. It makes me cherish them a bit more. Okay, now you are thinking bitch obviously that’s the whole point of the list. But hear me out.

Do you wake up every single day going: fuck I love how passionate I am in life it’s amazing wow I’m amazing. No, you don’t … stop lying. It usually goes… why the hell are you so passionate? it doesn’t matter it’s nothing important. Am I wrong? No, I’m not … I know I’m not.

Telling our loved ones what we cherish the most about them is so easy but when you start looking at yourself a huge question mark appears. If you feel like doing it let me know. A friend of mine did it with her girlfriend and I’m doing it with my bestie.

Get a paper out and start writing. You can continue tomorrow or next week. No pressure at all. It’s for yourself and no one else. Let me know how you feel afterward it might help others start.

Oh and to all those big strong men out there try as well, you don’t need to be an emotional woman to love yourself.




  1. Sadly so many people set goals only to turn around and for get them around March or April. A lot of people don’t set plans or a method to remembering their goals. I was in that group too till this year. I am done forgetting my goals until October and then regretting that I didn’t do anything.

    So I have added my goals to my daily affirmation list. That way I am reminded what my goals are everyday.

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